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Bai Yang Medicine Group was an enterprise group established in 2005, focusing on the investment and the operation of health industry, mainly investing in health brand, enterprise stock equity and relative property of health industry. In the mobile internet era, Bai Yang has finished the ecological layout of their company and developed into a resource optimization platform of health industry, integrating international brands ecosphere, internet application ecosphere, medical services ecosphere and financial services ecosphere as a whole.


International brands ecosphere

International brands ecosphere, taking Bai Yang Medicine Group as its principal part, has 10 branch companies, 50 agencies, over 9000 medium and large cooperative hospitals, over 750 medicine wholesale companies, over 200 thousand drug stores, consisting of a strong marketing network and a modern medicine logistics delivery platform according with the new GSP standard. In this way, it can not only import high-quality brands from overseas, but also push Chinese brands into international market taking the advantage of low cost. At present, Bai Yang Medicine Group has honed many well-known brands at home and abroad continually through mature marketing mode, precise transmission means, such as D-cal, Secrete, Fuzheng Huayu Decoction, Nutra Summa, Chengshan Tang, Bodhi spice ceremony and so on.

Internet application ecosphere

Taking Bai Yang health net as its core and as the only company possessing the integrating capacity of vertical industry chain and dealing in health industry at present, Bai Yang health net has integrated its four subsidiary companies’ resources, including “Handheld Medical Consultation”, “Bai Yang Healthy Mall”, “Easy Return Visit”, “Red Stone Health”, in order to connect every part and improve the efficiency of resources utilization.

Handheld Medical Consultation is one of the best doctor consultation platforms in China, which cunstomizes consultation for doctors and provides various test services.

Bai Yang Healthy Mall aims at providing all kinds of products and services to female users, realizing an omni-channel marketing mode from B2C to F2C and finally C2B.

Easy Return Visit (Yifuzhen) is a complete and professional link and service platform between companies, doctors, patients, stores and assurance companies; the formula dosage of medicine obtained by patients is over 1000 orders per day.

The medical examination box of cloud clinic of Red Stone Health can dig up users’ health data and transmit to an APP of personal health steward, then doctors see the data through smart doctor phone and give their precise diagnosis and treatment schemes.

Health services ecoshpere

Bai Yang health services ecosphere is composed of three core companies—Budhi Medical Group, Huisheng Hospital Management company and Bai Yang Real Estate and other relative companies. Budhi Medical Group releases medical workers’ potencial abilities fully by constructing a optimized human resources platform of Chinese medical industry; in addition, it also provides services for medical institutions in many ways to help medical institutions improve their efficiencies of operation and management. Huisheng Hospital Management Company orients itself on the establishment and management of hospitals and medical care centers in Tsingtao. Bai Yang Real Estate, according to the demand of health service, provides comformable hospitals, medical care centers, logistics centers and other hardware environment and professional property service contents.

Financial service ecosphere

It takes Bai Yang investment as main body and makes industry investment. As far as Bai Yang is concerned, the duty of capital is not speculating and making money but supporting innovation. There are different goals, key words and characters during different periods of the enterprise, the value of the whole investment is cooperating and optimizing resources together. Bai Yang financial service ecosphere is the incubator of health industry and innovative enterprises, it specialises in professional assessments and business supports, provides supports for enterprises with innovative abilities in precaution, diagnosis, treatment and recovery areas.

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